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    hi, what is the recommended value of AGBLK in the network. is there any preferred value. we are using alcatel system.


    it all depends on your PCH load.. but you can be safe by putting dynamic AGCH everywhere :

    BS_AG_BLKS_RES = 1 (only 1 block reserved statically)
    AG_PREMPT_PCH = 1 (enable –> the AGCH blocks will preempt the PCH blcoks if more than 1 AGCH block are needed)


    high Pix,
    A person from alcatel support in my country told me that alcatel equipment doesnot support dynamic resource allocation for control channels. is he right? You earlier said that by making agblk-res=0, the resources are allocated dynamically (if i remember correctly).

    Does that person mean that we cannot set agblk-res = 0 in alcatel network???

    kindly comment.


    Hello AD,

    Which country are you in ?? I can’t believe an Alcatel expert told you this. You must have misunderstood. This feature is availble since B7 if my memory is correct.

    It is possible to put AGBLK RES = 0, and that will automatically set AG PREMPT PCH = 1 (enable). I’ve done it myself on many cells. no problem.

    (which country are you in ?)



    Hi all,
    some body told me that by playing with AGBLK and MFRAM parameters we can improve paging suc is right can any body explaine me…


    dear Naren
    you can improve paging success rate by this parameter but you have to study paging load for example I face this kind of problem when i try to improve paging after change MFRAMES i found there is paging overload in Abis interface and when i increase this parameter (MFRAMES) from 2 to 4 and AGBLK2.
    again check if you have already load in Abis or not if you have you need to put MFRAMES to low value and if you can as pix mentioned you can put AGBLK to 0 but be careful you have to check you donot active CBCH and SI7&8


    hi , i was looking at the Alcatel parameter dictionary and i found that the recommended value for alcatel is 1, or 4 for non-combined BCCH :S

    Da Architect

    Hello M.E.,

    Recomended BS_AG_BLKS_RES = 1 for Combined BCCH with SDCCH. while it is recomended to have BS_AG_BLKS_RES = 4 in case non-combined, but take into consideration the PCH Load in case BS_AG_BLKS_RES = 4.

    Da Architect

    in alcatel timer T3113 (check with NSS)has a value = 28. I know that this T3113 = 28 is in hexadecimal and must be converted to decimal so that it becomes T3113 = 40.

    Now i want to know the step for this value.

    i think the step is 0.1 => T3113 equal to 4 seconds.

    would anyone confirm this timer step value (what about you pix?)


    hi da architect,

    sorry, i’m 100% blind about nss timers…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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