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Hand Over Issues

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    Can just any body suggest me how i can improve the hand over of my network.
    Sysytem:- Ericcson, India


    Hi Naren,

    For HSR check the hanover neighbor reltion stats and from there you cna point out the affected cells. If the handover reversion rate is high you could put panelty on the cells i-e high PTIHMF parameter value.
    Secondly you can decide youR hanodver boundry decsion by HYSTEP & High & low hyst VALUE.


    Thanx dear,
    But we have most of the stand alone sites in our n/w and facing INTRA poor HOSR…………


    are you saying you’re facing poor handovers due to poor coverage ? in such situation, the only solution is to enhance the coverage (antenna engineering). Ensure that the zones where there are HO are well covered (check the radio measurement statistics : average ul and dl rxlev)

    Otherwise, poor HO are usually caused by interferences. Check BCCH/BSIC unicity, and cochannels, adjacent channels.

    The poor HOSR occurs on all cells, or just few cells ?


    Hi Naren,
    The first solution can be given by antenna engineering. If the traffic is comming from far away then you need to enhance the coverage. Go for TMA.
    Sometimes the failure in intra handover is caused due to deffect in Carrier Unit. The status of Carrier Unit will be OK from OMC(Radio Commander) but when we perform test the Carrier Unit then there shows the failure in CU. I have experience this case in Siemens BTS.


    Hi All,
    Thanx Ajay , Thanx Pix
    Pix: the poor HOSR we are facing in only few cells which are specially stand alone sites.
    One more dought which have , i would like to discusse here say if i have a stand alone site with same pwr, same antenna type and height in all 3 sectors now if a sectore is having 4 deg tilt and other has 2 deg tilt. now of course 2 tilt sectore will serve more area then 4 deg now suppose some moving 2 deg tilt sectore to 4 deg sector from very far end then when he will reach in 4 deg tilt sector then he will get less level due to more tilt then in this case HOSR will poor or this will not affact HOSR…..same by diff antenna height.



    yes, your solution sounds good… but you must check the antennas you put on site : what is the vertical beamwidth ?

    if it is more than 8°, then a tilt of 2° or 4° should not affect the coverage so much (maybe a little bit).

    if it is less than 8°, then yes, it can be the cause of the trouble.

    As we said, if the poor HOSR is related to poor coverage, the only way to understand exactly what is going wrong is
    1. to perform a drive-test
    2. find where the traffic is making the most handovers (compare a map, the roads, the villages, with the time advance measurements)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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