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Forward channels in CDMA

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    Anni Sharma

    Good Morning Friends,

    can anyone tell the meaning of the following terms:

    Role of Pilot channel,

    I am looking forward for your replies.

    Anni Sharma

    Manu Katyal

    well anni,

    Ec/Io is the total Energy per chip divided by the total inference in the 1.25 Mhz spectrum(whole CDMA spectrum).It should be above a certain value so that the mobile can be distinguished by the BTS.

    In CDMA Tech.

    Forward Channels-

    -Pilot Channel
    -Paging Channel
    -Sync Channel
    -Traffic Channel

    Reverse Channels-

    -Access Channel
    -Reverse Traffic Channel

    Pilot Ch.- The pilot channel is used by the mobile unit to obtain initial system synchronization and to provide time, frequency, and phase tracking of signals from the cell site.

    Manu Katyal

    Moreover Pilot Channel uses Walsh Code 0(i.e. W0)

    Paging Channel uses W1-W7
    Sync Channel uses W32 &
    Traffic Channel make use of W8-W31 & W33-W63.

    But i can’t understand wats SOP??????

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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