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    sujit kumar parida

    why iuse EDAP in telecom sector?


    Hi All,
    EDAP stands for EDGE Dynamic Allocation Pool

    It’s main function is to allocate the data call over prescribed and defined Trxs which we define o both 1) the Abis allocation and 3) on the BSC end where we create the abis for a site

    so for TSLs 28,29,30 we select for EDAP for eg and for Trx 1,2,5,6,9 and 10. it means that we are including Trx no 1,2,5,6,9 and 10 as Trx which will handle Data call means net services with total of 192Kbps speed at all.



    Can anyone please tell complete configuration of EDGE in BSC, or steps that are required to properly enable EDGE on UPPER BAND of site.


    EDAP or GPRS speed

    Here ur question ask something diff while ur intension of asking question is diff. actually u want to ask what is the bit rate of GPRS between MS and BTS means wht exactly we get the speed out of mobile when we use internet connection.
    For EDAP speed the timeslot we r assigning is the actual speed like, we are using 3 timeframe so it’s ABIS speed will be 192Kbps, so this is the ABIS speed not the Um speed, Um speed is maximum of 230Kbps but the EDAP is only 192Kbps n is divided into the all users using GPRS connection at a time, so in average i get 10-20Kbps in practical at my Nokia 3110c Modem so u can also calculate this. one thing to remember that not go to the Modem speed which shows u the 460Kbps or 115 Kbps whatever.

    One thing to be noted that EDAP in ABIS allocation consumes 1 time frame of minimum n hence u can calculate the speed out of it.

    we all know 1 timeframe’s speed is 64Kbps (that is 4 time slots)

    n hence wht we use, if it is 2 time frame then EDAP’s speed will be 64*2=128Kbps
    and similarily this goes on.

    perfect ans for Speed of EDAP
    If someone ask in interview the same question, the proper answer is.

    It is the multiple of 64Kbps..


    Hi Na,

    Steps to Enable EDAP in BSC.
    Define DAP on reuired TRX during TRX creation.u k=can use ZERC,ZERM MML CMD

    1- GENA enable
    2-Lock Sector
    3-EGENA enalbe
    4-Unlock sector.



    Thanks KJB,

    Make me understand GPRS and EDGE both are different technologies but i experienced that whlile using MS, I got somewhere E facilities n some of the cells giving G facilities. wht’s the cause of this? n wht r the technical diffirences….



    EDGE is only an new set of features that are implemented on top of GPRS.
    So you are not using EDGE (this “EDGE” is just a concept), but you are using E-GPRS.

    E = EGPRS
    G = GPRS

    G means that the area where you are in does not provide the new set of features. Probably because the sector covering your MS wasn’t upgrade with the new hardware.

    The most important feature is the usage of a new radio modulation (8PSK), instead of GMSK, which vastly improves the bitrate.



    Thanx PIX

    next question going to arrive.


    IF there’s any option in NOKIA BTS to trace out how many data calls r running (Traffic Trace shows Only marking Call by yellow color but not clear is data or voice).



    Hiii Alll….Can any one tell me hw to reduce the EDAP Congestion???

    Vikas Sehrawat

    Hi Abhijit,1st check any h/w issue,PCU utilization,or just decrease the dynamic time slot n thn take the observation…


    nokia bts when we put abis… TCH TRX SIG and OMU why we put this and why we put kbps for each TRX….


    What is CDED

    sachin yadav

    hiii sir

    please what is the edap imliment and which type slot fill in bcf suppos old tsl25-30 new tsl?please ansure

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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