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Cause value 31 in ISUP RELEASE MESSAGE

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    Sokchhorn( Cambodia)

    hi all,

    can you tell me what are the cause to reject the call which in ISUP RELEASE message cause value 31?

    Routing Label:
    (DPC) Destination Point Code: 02069
    (OPC) Originating Point Code: 02014
    (SLS) Signalling Link Selection: 4
    (CIC) Circuit Identity Code : 0E4h = 0228dec = PCM: 7 TS: 4
    Cause Indicators
    coding standard : CCITT standard
    Location : 3 = transit network
    cause value : 31 = normal event – normal – unspecified


    This cause is used to report a normal event only when no other cause in the normal class applies.


    What kind of event that is categorized normal in this case? Are there any example events?

    Stefanus Enggar P

    Hi there,i also have have a problems with cause value 31..Actually what is the cause of this problem?

    Joseph Chidanyika

    Cause 31 is kinda associated with interoperability issues. For example when two local networks are using different mechanisms (routing tables, numbering plan, different bearers ( for example one is using a circuit & packet switched 3G network and the other an entirely packet switched 3.75G network with an IP-based Gb interface)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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