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Ext range question

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    Hi all.
    i got one situation to be solved.
    There is a GSM900 cell supposed to be covering a is located on the edge of a city/As it is applied ext range feature ,the resource of the cell is decreased twice.Are there any solutions to segregate traffic ,i mean to have road’s mobiles to be served by this cell.The problem is that nearby subscribers take all resources of the cell hence no resources for road’s subscribers.Thnx


    Dear Nick,
    You can limit this using TA feature. what I mean to say by some parameters you can adjust from which TA calls are to be captured

    Good Luck


    hi RAMI

    wat parameters are to be adjusted.

    my ID is

    thanx in advance.


    ext range feature = subscriber can be located from TA=64 to TA=128 or more ? Instead of from TA=0 to TA=64 ?

    Are you sure that, in an urban environment, your cell can cover further than TA=64 (35km) ? That’s very surprising..!

    On the system i’m working on, the extended cell cannot handle calls which are located between ta = 0 to 64. The extended cell can handle only calls with TA > 64. It’s like a separate cell.

    Maybe your problem is that the highway is located at a TA < 64 ? So the "inner" cell will handle all the calls. In this case the only solution is to increase your capacity. Add a microcell to cover the near-by city area, or add TRX on the current cell. In GSM specs, as far as i know, there is absolutely no way to prevent near-by subscribers to access the cell, while allowing far-away subscribers.

    Tech Man


    I would suggest Umbrella cell/HCS feature for your problem. Colocate or use a microcell in the nearby vicinity of the current Macro cell and then use the above suggested feature. This would help in moving the nearby subscribers to the microcell layer and the road/highway subscribers would be catered by the Macro cell.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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