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Only NSS Expert read it

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    Dear All:

    There is a serious issue that I want to discus it with you. In one city we have two sort of equipment one part is Alcatel and other part is Siemens (The BSS part is completely Alcatel for complete city) now there is no hand over from Alcatel to Siemens but there is from Siemens to Alcatel.
    Imagine I am going from Alcatel to Siemens area:

    Mobile is sending the 6 best neighbors to the BSC, BSC check all of them and in the case of inter MSC hand over in the Hand over command there is not cell from Siemens area.

    I check for one case when I moved from Alcatel area to Siemens in the border I try to do hand over but in the hand over command the target cell was one another cell belong to Alcatel ,and its surprise me when I see the massage for ciphering command and as we have ciphering command during the hand over in same BSC so I had hand over failure and I continue till I loss the coverage of Alcatel area and call is dropped after that I was in Siemens area and with cell reselection I went to Siemens .
    From Siemens to Alcatel it is fine.
    There must be some thing like protocol error; I will appreciate if some one can help in this issue.

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    check the BSIC maybe they have different diffenition

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    it need vendor solution.

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    I had similar problem with HOs between Motorola and Ericsson. The problem was in incorect NB cell definition in the MSC.

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    1. This problem can be there if ciphering is enabled in Siemens and disabled in Alcatel MSC.So handover from Alcatel to siemens is failing whereas reverse is possible.
    2. Problem in definition of outer cell at Alcatel MSC. May be that there is no definition for outer (neighbouring) cells in Alcatel MSC for cells catered by Seimens MSC.
    3. Both MSCs are working on different MAP version.

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    Dear Paria:
    The Problem is accruing exactly after our new numbering plan, we add recently one digit to all of our customer’s numbers, it was 9 digits and now it is 10 digits.

    I check the trace, and I found that:
    called and calling address signal is 9 digit in one of them and in the other its 10 digit but as I ask one expert he said that MSRN and HO number is same in both direction so its not important if we have different calling and called number.

    Many thanks

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    any other idea?
    becuse none of them was our case and i check all of them one by one.

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    Hi Sayed
    The routing for handover is also defined in MSC.There can be problem in length parameter.Please check and revert.

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    Rajiv Gujral

    The problem might be with the value of t3105 timer or with the t1303.

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    Hi Rajiv,
    You very good in NSS system, are you have A-interface timer fucntion ?
    I want study about NSS, if you have tutorial about that would like you send to my email

    thank you

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    can anyone plz provide link calculation of SS7.

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    Can anybody please explain the difference between Cell reselection and Handover..

    Thank you

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    I have some bsc Alcatel and an msc Siemens.
    When trafic become important i observe something like sleepin LTg.
    The phenomene is different but i see alltrunk busy from msc and lower percent of busy trung from BSS.

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    hi pix

    iam facing the lot of hand over failures in one of my BSC . reason it shows wrong Aif circuit type. may i know how to solve this problem

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    AIF.. A-interface channel ?
    you could check your BSC-MSC channel definition (maybe one timeslot reserved for traffic should be used for signalling (TS0, or TS16.. check with your NSS colleagues)

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