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Regarding abt E1

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    Ajay Patel

    Wht is E1?
    Means How E1 genrate……….

    i want to know how we r using E1 at BSC//

    wht is the total path of E1 from MSC to BSC?


    Hello Ajay..

    Im just curious.. what is your present job description? Are you working on the transmission field?



    how is E1 related to PCM.
    how many bts r connected to bsc and how many bsc connected to msc


    Yes Cybhert i am transmission planner working with nokia project in india.


    E1 is one of the standards(like T1) used in digital transport networks.

    It is nothing but a transmission media capable of carrying 2.048Mbps of digital data from one point to other. You can get more info regarding this from any basic GSM manual(like motarala CP02)

    A E1 is generated at the BSC ET port. You simply patch a cable at this point and tap it out to any required place.

    Total path between MSC to BSC = the physical distance between your MSC to BSC.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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