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RLC/MAC Header Type

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    Please see the senarios as follows;
    A EDGE cell, UE with EGPRS Multislotclass 10 and MCS9 supported. Deep analysis of the UE logs clearly shows that, during upload and download, the RLC/MAC Data Block Format Header Type is not maintained as type 1. Which means that the data rate is poor! Would you say, it is an issue on the PCU or the UE? I beleive it can not be the UE as I have tried with few other reference UE’s and noticed the same behaviour.

    Refer: 3GPP TS 44.060
    EGPRS Uplink/Doenlink RLC/MAC header;
    Header type 1: header for MCS-7, MCS-8 and MCS-9
    Header type 2: header for MCS-6 and MCS-5
    Header type 3: header for MCS-4, MCS-3, MCS-2 and MCS-1


    I beleive it is an issue on the PCU or may be BSS. Please wait for the feedback from others. I am not very good on the RLC/MAC..sorry..


    Some more info; EDGE During the Downlink/Uplink Multislotclass 10 it uses (4 TS on the DL and 2 TS on the UL). Only the Header type changes which means MCS changes.


    I think this is a PCU or BSS issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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