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Faulty TS

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    About the Faulty Time Slot

    Please tell me how a TS can be faulty as it is the logical channel (the bits) on the physical channel ( Frequency). So, a TS faulty should mean that a TRX is out of order but it is not said


    Do you have enough resources in the cell to support the TS
    is the ABIS path available and correctly defined

    Faulty TS @ John

    John please elaborate your answer please as i can’t really understand…



    Are you talking about TDMA frames or the Physical TS ?
    If a TS is out of service there can be many reasons why

    Which equipment vendor is it

    @TS by AG

    I am talking about the Time Slot (AS I know that the Time slot is based on the TDMA principle) So i am asking about the time slot in the TRx of the BTS. As one TRx has one or in case of hopping (a list of frequencies). So TRx should be faulty if one TS is faulty, but it is not so. Wats the reason

    RF Engr

    Please any one tell the confusion of AG as I have the same issue


    Which Vendor

    why do you think it is not possible to have just 1 TS Fail ?
    If there are not enough ABIS path available to the TRX then one TS could fail
    TS could fail loop test with TRC
    For example in older Ericsson RBS 200 there were 7 SPP cards in each TRX so 1 card could fail

    Again Which Vendor is it

    RF Engr

    Vendor is nortel so kindly tell me John about this


    Hi All,

    I’m aggre with John, I’ve ever seen this case : you locked the faulty TS and the KPI go back in their normal range. in nortel feature, you are abble to lock one TS in a TRX. Try to chek this



    No it is not that when Trx faulty means hw problem and when TS faulty than it is issue of Multiframe in Radio propagation.

    RF Engr

    Thnaks for the comments but as I have said that TS faulty should have TRx faulty, i mean that TS is a logical channel as it is TDMA, so as far my knowledge is concerned, TS means the # of bits passing in a particular time (0.577 ms) in the same physical channel, so if one TS is faulty, so the Radio (Trx) should be. Thats was my logic. Also please tell me the exact refernce that how can i lock the TS



    to lock a TS (in Nortel), you had to access to the OMC.
    at the TDMA level,
    1st: right click on it with the mouse.
    2nd : selected the TS,
    3rd : click on the field “set channel state”
    4th : locked

    you have locked one TS slot of your TDMA.



    RF Engr

    Thanks Boboo but one of my question is unanswered yet. The question is ” TS means the # of bits passing in a particular time (0.577 ms) in the same physical channel, so if one TS is faulty, so the Radio (Trx) should be. Thats was my logic”


    1 ts faulty(hard ware) = all ts on trx fault.
    1 ts faulty(soft ware) = low efficiency of trx.
    1 ts drop = all other ts on trx may ok.
    1 ts block = trunkig gain of interface is bad.
    # ts failure might mean (HO, TRUNK, HW, SW,bad Qu,…. etc)


    usually, faulty TS is linked to wrong DCU4 board or TS is frozen. in case of frozen TS you should lock/unlock it…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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