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CAMA Trunks

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    o What are so special about CAMA trunks that they are still used in 911 networks?

    o Is it the “End User Hold” feature which keeps the user activated if the line is disconnected?

    o Is “End User Hold” something that can be done with other type of analog trunks/channelized-t1 or just CAMA trunks?

    What can a CAMA trunk do that any other trunk can’t?

    o Am I misunderstanding something?

    o Forgetting for a moment that CAMA trunks are used in some 911 settings and are also used for the interconnection of local offices (that don’t utilize LAMA) to CAMA toll offices, CAMA is it just an analog or channelized-T1 (24 voice channels) trunk with capability to outpulse the calling and called numbers along with ANI Information Digit I.

    o In today’s world, what exactly is it?


    What does CAMA stand for?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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