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SDCCH congestion

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    Hi i want to know wats are the causes for poor paging success rate.n how I will rectify this prob. n wat is the good remedy for this problem.Please can any body help me in this matter.


    A paging message is sent to all cells of a LAC, trying to reach a specific mobile phone (= SIM card).

    If the mobile is not in the cell, there is a paging failure. Since the mobile is only in one cell, you have a failure in all the other cells.

    If this is how the paging success is counted, then it is normal to have a low success rate for paging… If it is not counted like that, then I don’t know (there is no such indicator in Alcatel systems)


    How to verify that SDCCH congestion is due to LA updates,in Siemens system..plz help me


    Hi viky, if you have low paging success, first check the Paging congestion hour by hour and how the load is shared in the diferents LA, if there are no problems may be your system need a Paging channel redimensioning or new LA partitioning.

    Check if the system sends a second paging message and the percentage of success (2nd Paging Success).
    Let me know your statistical results in order to find a way to help you to resolve the problem.

    What vendor is your system?


    hi sammi , u shd. see for ur LA dimensioning and planning in Congested sites


    Hi Sammy,

    ATIMASCA 5th counter; SUIMASCA 5th counter


    HI vanderley..thx for ur help but I’m not getting how to access these counters and how to understand the data..can you help me on this


    Hi Sammi,

    This is the siemens names of the row counters, I dont know what are you using for network monitoring. A is attempt, S is successful if you sum all attempts you could see what is the share of LU attempts, If you sum successes you again see the share of LU successful.

    ATIMASCA (1,9): Attempted Immediate Assignment Procedure
    This measurement gives the number of times an immediate assignment was requested.
    Different counters distinguish between the assignment causes.
    Counter Sequence:
    Attempted immediate assignments of an SDCCH:
    Counter No. Att. Imm. Assignment with Cause Valid for MS Phase
    1 Answer to paging 1+2
    2 Emergency call 1+2
    3 Call Reestablishment 1+2
    4 Other services (Orig. call, SMS, SS)
    5 Location update,all other cases
    6 Other procedures (IMSI detach, SMS, SS, etc.) 2


    Hi Vanderley..I appreciate ur help man. we use RCommander for network monitoring.What do u use?


    Can anyone tell me why SDCCH has got to be on timeslot 1 and what affect it would have if it is put on anything above timeslot 1. Thanks.


    hi adrian,
    In my Opinion SDCCH is normally put on time slot no.2,and its not a compulsion that you have to put BCCH in slot 1 and SDCCH in timeslot2,But in my opinion it is taken as standard to follow to avoid ambiguity.



    Usually the first timeslot is zero.

    Hi Sammi,

    We extract the row counters into our selfcreated SQL based database for postprocessing. then we create our own queries depending on what we want to see. Let’s say that this is not network monitoring but KPI monitoring.


    HI vanderley..thanks! we have one SQL database for KPI monitoring.But when I want to see the raw data to check the reason for dropped calls, I dont understand anything from that raw data man. Since we r working on the page, i will keep u bugging man..Thx once again


    Hi Sammi,
    I am using MS access and MapInfo to access the SQL database. Also we created a lot of views in the SQL for different purposes.
    If you need help you’re welcome



    hi yogesh ,pix and all other gurus

    1..can anybody explain me , what is early allocation ?
    what is dynamic sdcch allocation ?2.) To activate Dynamic SDCCH function, we can change one idle TCH/F to 8 SDCCH channels, please describe what is strategy to choose Idle TCH.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 116 total)
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