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energy savings

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    Is anyone intrested to know the process to save the electrical energy in bts shelter.
    I have installed few hundred in India by a non mechanical device called as PCM.


    i am interested

    Aamir J. K.

    Well. That’s an important issue. Apart from giving better service to telecom sector, the concept of PCM will help in saving energy and give better human comfort in case of power failure. The power failure is common in India. Installation of a PCM filled panels will keep the an AC room comfortable for a few hours after the power failure. Pravin Bhasin may please let me know about his device.

    praveen bhasin

    Amir and Nica,

    Kindly ask any details in regard to PCM.
    But before we discuss I wish to kow brief details and background of your working.


    Aamir J. K.

    Well. I am in the teaching of PCM based cooling system to BT Shelters and other energy saving devices. My article may be seen on on the “Research” folder of

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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