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Time slot selection algarithm

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    Hello there,

    Can any body tell me if the BCCH time slots are not alocated unless the other TRX time slots are full is conforming GSM protocol or not. In this case even in the case of hand over the BCCH time slots are not alocated if the other TRX time slot quality is of bad quality (interference etc.)

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    this is because the priority has been set for TCH TRX(TRX priority).

    this means that it will choose the TCH as priority.this can be used to improve drop call rate.

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    you can set TRX priority parameter, so you can set if new TCH should be allocated from BCCH TRX or allocated from non-BCCH TRX.

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    In Siemens this algorithm is called “Prefered TRX(Call Policy)”, If you set it to DATA_CALL_ON_BCCH for CS calls you will first allocate the non-BCCH TRXs and only use BCCH TRX for CS calls when there is not idle timeslot on not BCCH.

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    In Alcatel you even can define Tch-Voice preferably onthe TRX with the higest possible number and Tch-Packet on the TRX with the smallest possible.
    But for siemens:
    We notice that data call on BCCH is not very usefull, it is better to have data only on BCCH and just to watch “intracell HO due to multislot calls”

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    Can anybody tell what is the parameter name to set TRX Priority for allocation in Ericsson System

    Thanks & Regards
    Arpan Vohra

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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