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Echo problem on MSC & BSC

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    Dear All,

    I have echo problem on Mobile to Mobile call and Mobile to PSTN call, I’ve checked all the parameter and connection on Switching (Siemens D900), so far all the parameter meet the standard, but I’m not check yet the BSS side (using Siemens). Do you have any solution that I should do furthermore? Thanks for all your help

    Ashish Goel


    U can try using the DEC card at the PSTN end. Add a DEC card next to the slot of the LTG where u are facin the problem. Also do not forget to add the INIT parameter in the ENTRPDCCHR command for the E1 on that LTG.


    Ashish Goel


    Thanks for your reply Ashish, but all the LTGs goin’ to PSTN have connected to DEC and the ECD parameter has set to INT. As far as I know DEC only use
    for PSTN, but my case Mobile Station to Mobile station also produces echo, but not in all sites, only several site. Are there any issues regarding the TRAU or BSC? Can I trace the problem using K1205 tester, does anybody know how to use the tester?
    Thanks again


    Hmm… looks like I found the solution…. I’ve check out the LNDES and found that the trunk going to BSC has to assign ECNEEDED. The problem solve….. funny..


    Hie Ipoenkt, Im interested in the solution you arrived at but have problems undersanding what you wrote here.
    We operate an Alcatel Network and have been experiencing echo problems as well.

    what was your solution again?


    I just wanted to know if there are any chances of cross connections on air interface. Cos as far cic matching is concerned we cross checked it completly and its fine. And waht i mean by corss connection is that A dials for B and once the connection is through he gets C instead. But the fun part here is B can still listen to what A is speaking, but A hears C’s voice. And i hv no idea what C is hearing at the other end. Did any of u guys face such probs in ur n/w. Hope u guys got the scenario.

    Shahzad Afzal

    In case of Echo some time its just a loose grounding and power issue, where we can some time connect to some other party or we are getting echo. Kindly check your equipment grounding.


    Check your echo delay. This could tell you where is the problem.


    Crossconection on air interface is not possible. Check your pcma


    Hi all
    One more reason for Echo is Mobile lamination/cover.Coz sometime back we were facing Echo prob.After digging out we found Mobile lamination was thw prob.As it was passing sound waves from Speaker to Microphone again.


    We have this with with the cover also. Alcatel Club was the model I think


    I wan to talk about the problems told by naveen. saying,”I just wanted to know if there are any chances of cross connections on air interface”.
    Cross connection or cross talk over air is not possible. The problem could be the networking layer where TS are connected to each other. I met this problem before and the problem usually arises from software problems inside the cpu or upgrade problems.

    Tech Man


    Cross Talk is possible on the air interface if you are using the same BCCH/BSIC combination (when chiphering is not used in your network)at sites which have the possibility of overlapping each other (Need not neccesarily be neighbours!!).

    Nitin Kh

    Crosstalk is the hottalk actually ..Even I encounter it in my network..Well talking bout cross talk on air interface ..Not possible ..I think it has got to do something with the CIC’s ..But Dnt have much knowledge about it?? Any NSS person with any document on these CIC’s

    Please mail it to me on



    1) Cross-talk is possible on Air Interface too as someone explained(when ciphering deactivated).Make Sure your MO authentication is activated when u enable ciphering.

    2) Make Sure your BCCH and BSIC combination is Unique.

    3) Check with ur Trau modules(Code) Maye be the PCM Timeslot is Overwritten.

    4)CIC -mismatch can be a reason too.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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