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PSI(provide subscribe information)

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    Jinhua Dong

    hi, all

    you know, when a mobile user is called in GSM, his HLR will send PRN message to MSC which the user is roaming for a MSRN, and do you know
    when a PSI (Provide subscribe Information) message is needed?
    and how does the HLR know that PSI is need to send to VLR?
    how does HLR tell the calling MSC the responded information from called MSC, by SRI_ACK?


    The HLR sends PSI when receives a ATI
    msg (any Time interrogation). These msg it is not a message to route call , it is used to location procedures (The origen can be another externa system not only a MSC/VLR) and the HLR return informatión such as Cell id , State (Busy, idle, det) and time of location .In general the destination VLR doesn,t return a MSRN so PSI procedure can not be used instead PRN procedure


    Hi Santi and Dong,

    I never seen these PSI and ATI Messages anywhere ?

    Where they are used in GSM Netwoeks and what is the purpose for these messages ?




    Can anyone explain more on these PSI messages, why does HLR trigger it, and what purpose does it serve? We have seen a huge count of PSIs from our HLR for one of our outbound roamers, and just not sure why so many? If its to derive location, maybe a few would be expected to be seen, but in my case, theres alot.
    Anyone can explain?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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