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GSM Roaming A number format

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    Let’s look at this case:

    1)X is a GSM user on network A in Country Y.
    2)X goes to country Z and roams on GSM network B
    3) Network C is PSTN and is interconnected with Network B via SS7
    4) B & C have an interconnection agreement.
    5) While roaming on network B user X calls a network C user.

    In want to find out the number and format which network C should receive from network B. How should network C bill network B?

    Should the number format be MSISDN format for user in Country Y ?

    i.e Country Code(Y)+Network Code +User Number ??

    Thanks in adavance !!



    1. Yes, it must be international MSISDN.
    2. In our country it is billed like incoming call from network B. I think, you mean that it must be billed like incoming international call, not local call. But if B and C do not use international trunks for connection, why B must be billed as for international call?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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