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CAMEL parameters for ALCATEL 2000 system

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    We have Alcatel MSC/VLR/HLR on our GSM network. We use CAMEL for the routing of the Pre-paid calls. So my question is:
    In case of problems with PPS system we want SOMETIMES pass all the calls for Pre-paid subscribers through.
    For the rest of the time we want to clear all the calls in case of PPS system is not available.
    1. So how can we define for ALL our pre-paid subscribers to clear/reject calls in case of PPS is not available?
    2. And how can we define for ALL our pre-paid subscribers to pass the calls in case of PPS is not available?
    Any idea from other then Alcatel systems are welcome.


    Hi Tally,

    In CAP, OCSI and TCSI mark are used for CAMEL subscribers. When LU, the OCSI and TCSI mark stall in VLR data base. When subscriber make a call, IDP(initial DP) was triggering directly to IN servers, and MSC/VLR is not intelligent enaugh to now that IN server is not available or not.
    One case, When PPS system is not available, here SS7 connection between MSC/VLR and IN servers also not available. When this happen the conversation between IN and MSC/VLR also not available, So call will be rejected.


    Hi silent,
    I know that for PPS subscribers in HLR we can define that call can be passed or call should be rejected in case of SCP is not available.
    And I know that for PPS subscribers based on INAP in the MSC/VLR we have two possibilities for the call triggering in case of SCP is not available. We can clear the call and we can pass the call. AT least we can do it on NOKIA MSC/VLR.
    So do you mean that in case of CAP we don’t have this possibility at all or it’s inpossible on ALCATEL equipment?


    what is the meaning of OCSI and TCSI



    What is detection points i.e DP2 DP7etc.
    also what is ocsi,tcsi and bcsm.

    Wallis Dudhnath

    Just a follow up to all the good points and answers.

    A CAMEL user is Serviced Marked in the HLR (or Database) with
    a CAMEL Subsription Identity (CSI) flag. This can be Originated (O-CSI)
    or Terminated (T-CSI) flag. For O-CSI, CAMEL calls are routed to the
    gsmSSF / gsmSCF. In term the respective CAMEL applicaton (e.g. PrePaid)is contacted.

    As CAMEL uses the notion of “triggering”. In order to trigger to a control (gsmSCF) a Detection Point (DP) must be used. DP2 is used to collect and analyse the received digits. DP7 is used to monitor the gsmSSF for an answer (Originating-ans) signal.

    CAMEL is based on the traditional Intelligent Networks – IN. CAMEL/IN uses a Finite State Machine (FSM) to move the gsmSSF from one state to another in a clear and well defined manner.

    Basic call state model (BCSM) is used to describe the actions and different phases of the call processing in the MSC/VLR/GMSC. The BCSM consists of two sets of
    call processing logics, i.e., originating BCSM (O-BCSM) and terminating BCSM (T-BCSM).
    The DP and points in call are two main components of a BCSM.

    For cases where the gsmSCF / SDF cannot be accessed the system can be configured so that
    calls can be setup and processed. CDR / DRs can then be collected and processed by a mediation
    node. In turn, via CDR processing the accounts in the SDF can be updated.

    Please let me know if you need any further inputs.

    VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath


    I have an application to be developed

    i need to have all call event from a mobile user, on my application

    So that the service which i am developing can be triggered.

    what all i need to do on core ? for getting all the calls ?

    and what protocol stack i need to implement ? CAMEL ? SIP ?

    I want all calls from 2G, 3G or 4G

    can anyone explain in detail ?

    Wallis Dudhnath

    With 3G, 4G, etc.. IMS – IP Multimedia – is implemented and supported. VoLTE, ViLTE, etc.. uses the IMS layer.

    I am assuming that your application is based on GSMA’s RCS – Rich Communication Suite. SIP / Diameter is used.

    The Network will support Gateways that can act as a converted for 2G IN (Intelligent Network) protocols.

    Also look at WebRTC – Real Time Control.

    VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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