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CUG (Closed User Group):????

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    I would like to know what are the various applications where the CUG concept is used in telecom .What is teh fundamnetal behind it & what are the benefits can be offered to subscribers through this (Specaily in context of India
    Telecom Operators how it is being used )


    Could somebody please clear me on the said topic.


    For yr ref:

    The CUG feature enables subscribers and PABXs, connected to a PLMN and possible also to other networks, to form closed user groups (CUGs) to and from which access is restricted.

    The CUG feature refers to a set of facilities centered around a group of users who want to restrict their usage of the network to communications within the group.

    A typical application of the CUG feature is for companies, providing mobile stations to their employees for professional use only. It is then possible to limit for each employee the outgoing
    calls, or the incoming calls, or both, to calls within the group.


    Thanks Misa for the reply. But could you please tell me as to what all configuration is required in teh AXE10 platform for the restricting of the Outgoing calls of the Mobile sof a particular CUG to only the Mobiles of that CUG Only .I am very new to ericsson Switch.Hence please do explain in detail, if possible then soem good tips about how the routings are done in AXE10



    A customer is put in cug & if he has access=OIA including roaming facility. If he is in national roaming with some operator then he is unable to call within his group. But outside the group he can make calls. Pls suggest what may be the possible cause.

    With some operators he can make through.

    & what is that we have to do to make CUG compatible with all operators?


    Hi Ajinkya…,

    May be there are lot things involved in this problem …

    1.MSC-CUG Capability
    3.Analyze what kind of Switches supports CUG Calls in other network.
    4.At the exchnge where the calls are failing trace the outgoing calls for that CUG Member and same with the exchnges where it succeeds.
    5.Check the incoming message from another cellular network.


    Wallis Dudhnath

    Closed User Group – CUG – is a feature that has been standardised by GSM. It is a supplementary service (SS). You can look at CUG as a very basic “centrex” service. For users in a CUG they must be configured with an “inter-locking” code.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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