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PBX information

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    Kate Kerkstra

    I’m a student at DeVry majoring in telecommunications.

    We’re doing a project on PBX-we have to select a PBX or hybrid system. We have to include manufacturer, model number, optional equipment/software, and cost (equipment and monthly service cost) of trunks or lines. Our problem is this:

    A product distributor has a central administrative office in Chicago, and a Tech support/Sales & Marketing division in Naperville,IL. The main office has 250 employees, while Naperville has 85. There are two distinct traffic patterns to consider. Each location has connections to the world via the PSTN, as well as to the other location.

    Here are the traffic measurements: Chicago to Naperville= 5.8 Erlangs (P.02) Naperville to Chicago=16.4 E (P.02) Chicago to world=38.2 E inboud at p.01, and 22.3E outbound at P.02 Naperville to world=40.3E inbound at P.01, and 10.2E outbound at P.02 Can you provide some insight for us?

    Much appreciated,
    Katie Kerkstra


    Suggest you look at web sites for PBX suppliers eg. Mitel, Siemens, Nortel,Ericsson,Lucent. These should give you information on their PBXs to cater for 250 and 85 extensions.

    From traffic figures (erlangs) you give, I reckon you would need 35 circuits between Chicago & Naperville, with 82 PSTN circuits from Chicago and 70 for Naperville. These could be ISDN ccts. ( I think these are called T1s in the US and each have 24 useable channels (circuits). These would need special cards in the PBX.

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck.

    Luca Caruso

    I’m an Italian Student.
    I’m finishing a project on PBX and VOIP for my University;
    I know that there are few informations and it is difficult find them, so (Kate Kerkstra) if you want more informations send me e-mail:
    good luck

    Mayowa Akinyemi

    i’m a computer science student and i want to write a project based on computer telephony and gsm networks

    i know this is kinda off point but i cant seem to find any info to point me in the right directions and all these new terms i keep comming up with are driving me nuts!

    can any one help me with url’s to somewhere that will help me make sense of all these bits an pices of info?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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