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    Hi Everbody,

    We are not able to get handover, block, drop, GPRS data at Bussy Hour (BH) about our Alcatel cells. We have the RNO v2.1 that using to monitor cell performance, and it seems that only the following reasonable indicators are available on RNO:

    Indicator Referans Name
    Comments from RNO

    SDCCH traffic in Erlang at BH.

    Load of SDCCH channels at BH.

    SDCCH_load_BH = SDCCH_Erlang_BH/ SDCCH_Erlang_Capacity

    Time occupancy of all SDCCH sub-channels at BH (in second).

    Max number of available SDCCH.

    Max number of available SDCCH at BH.

    Average number of configured SDCCH resources.

    Number of RTCH in service at BH.

    RTCH traffic in Erlang at BH.

    RTCH_Erlang_BH = RTCH_occy_BH/3600

    Load of RTCH channels at Busy Hour.

    RTCH_load_BH = RTCH_Erlang_BH / RTCH_Erlang_capacity

    So, we would like to know how we can get performance data about handover, block, drop, GPRS at BH for cells and BSCs? Also we need to know which hour is the BH for a cell, for a BSC or for a network in a day or in a week or in a month, …like that?

    We thank you in advance for all your consideration and assistance.

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    all the counters can be found in the alcatel omc system. so it is easier to get them in your omc system.

    what is more, if you want to get the real busy hours in a day or ina week, you need to use a database to get it, maybe you need another database to solve this problem.

    I will be happy to help, any question on the alcatel system.

    do not hesitate to ask!

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    Hi hercules,
    thank alot for your reply. I would like to know following issue for about our Alcatel network:
    1. we use Alcatel BSS v6.2 and RNO 2.1 and how i can obtain RACH request numbers and RACH success numbers for a cell from RNO or OMC ?
    2. How i can get BSC Processor Load at BSC BH or daily average ?
    3. i already know where all counters data files located at OMC and i know that i should analyse the max TCH traffic data occured at which hour. So i will get BH for subject cell. i need to learn cell BH by this method because RNO could not give us the BH for a cell, even whole network. i need more info about your previous reply that database you mentioned to solve my problem. Now, i am triying to understand OMC counter files (about GSM and GPRS). How i can create this database, where it be create, what it should be?. Is there any flat files at OMC, collecting counters data about BSC?. i mean how i can get BH data for a BSC, by calculating or by from a ready flat file directly? i would like to have a sample for this project? Can you send me some examples?…

    I wanted to send you some flat file about counters data that i obtained from OMC but i dont know your email address. May be it can help you more to understand me.

    Sorry my bad English..

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    first of all we can use the 110 counter MC8c to counter RACH success numbers for a cell. Alcatel don’t privide any counters for RACH request now. other producer either.

    secondly it is Not applicable except you have TAC tools,it’s only for high level Alcatel Support.I am sorry I do not have it or I can send it to you.

    for you third question , it is too complex for me to understand, so I try my best to explain.

    in fact the omc system is a gateway that collect the stastical report from the BSC I/O system. so the report there are all fixed. and for the disk reason, you can not keep them for a long time. so if you have some special purpose you will have to download the file and put them in the database that developed by your self, the you can do the analysis as you like.

    here I can show you a example, in my office, we also have the same problem like you, so we use the delphi to download all the file from the omc database, and then we put it into a sql server in a Pc, finally we use delphi to do some filter and logic to find out the necessary report like week peak and day peak and month peak as we like.

    so if you have some computer science major colleague, you can ask them for help.

    I will always happy to help, pleae do not hesitate to ask.

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    do you have some futhur question?

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    Hi Hercules,
    1. What means TAC tools ? Is there any counter to measure BSC Processor Load at BSC BH or daily average ?

    2. Is there any file(s) to indicate BSC & cells hierarchy ?. I want to use this file to load BSC & cells to my application that i developed by Visual Basic?
    This file should be updated by OMC.

    Thanks a lot..

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    please wait! I will do it soon

    what is more, may I know which operator you come from?

    #39661 Reply

    Yes, of course. i’ve been working at AVEA corp. (Turkey) for 2 years and i am dealing with network performance..

    i would like to need your knowladge about network performance especially Alcatel network (we use Alcatel BSS v6.2 and RNO 2.1)..

    Thanks for your advance..

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