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White papers discussing voice over IP engineering and design issues.

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White papers

The following white papers have been released by Westbay Engineers Ltd.:
What is an Erlang? An entry level white paper describing the telecommunications unit Erlang, and it's application in teletraffic theory.
Dimensioning trunk groups This white paper discusses a method of optimising the number of lines in a trunk group based on the traffic carried by that trunk group. This is known as dimensioning a trunk group.
VoIP Protocols This white paper describes the protocols which are typically involved when transporting voice over an IP based network.  A basic understanding of the protocols is required in order to understand the bandwidth overhead of voice over IP and the Quality of Service issues surrounding the technology.
VoIP Bandwidth There are many factors involved when calculating the bandwidth required through a network.  This white paper aims to explain these factors, and to offer a simple means of making such calculations.  It starts with a basic 'rule of thumb', and then expands this to take specific voice coding algorithms into account.
Call center design This white paper describes the steps involved in assessing the staffing requirements of a call centre and estimating the number of trunks (central office lines) required to serve a call centre for incoming calls.
Voice network design This white paper describes the principles behind and advantages of the proper design of private voice networks.

Software manuals

The following software manuals have been released by this company:
Ansapoint This is the user guide for Ansapoint, our call centre analysis software.
CC-Excel This manual provides a detailed reference for the call centre Erlang functions that CC-Excel adds to Microsoft Excel.
Westbay Traffic Calculators This is the fully illustrated User Guide for the Westbay Traffic Calculators (including Erlang for Excel) and includes many examples of the software's use.
VoIP Calculator This manual explains how to use VoIP Calculator; our Voice over IP bandwidth calculator for Windows.

Frequently asked questions

The following pages show the answers to questions which are often put to us regarding our products. Please select your product:
Ansapoint Our call centre analysis software which includes reporting and charting capabilities.
CC-Excel Our add-in for Microsoft Excel that adds call center functions to your own workbooks.
Westbay Traffic Calculators Our Windows traffic calculator software which includes Erlang B, Extended Erlang B and Erlang C calculators.
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