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Reply To: BTS and TC unsync in Nokia BSC 3i

Robert Penry Wilding

HeLLo @LL Noki@ TRUE DSP hardware slide in module <PCS 1900 TRUE Hardware/software interface> and PCS 1900 Backplane 🙂 Thisis RoB Wilding BACK :-)(-….Nokia Hybrid SMART Antenna (HSA) and PCS 1900 Nokia Testbed, Camberley.

Tapio Saari (Nokia Finland was actually working on this PCM DSP hardware/software interface. He was working in the Nokia systems team with me Nokia 1995 to 1997. Tapio was responsible for software configuration management and upgrade of Nokia PCS 1900 TRUE DSP slide in module including PCB hardware tight clearance backplane fit, DSP card grounding between BSS ground plane, TRUE DSP card fault finding and diagnostic tests and PCB fault finding and solder joint inspection,

I was working along side Tapio ensuring that this DSP card was properly grounded to the base station and ensuring that the TRUE DSP module boots up properly and in the correct sequence and ensuring that sufficient time was elapsed before no RED ERROR LED was displayed and after 20 – 30 minutes the performance of the TRUE DSP PCM ABIS interface was stable, and a constant GREEN LED was displayed…!!!

KinD ReG@rd<e>

RoB WilDinG B Eng(Hons.) MSc. MIOEE