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Reply To: CAMEL Phase-1,2,3,4 – ?????

wallis Dudhnath

For the cost of the upgrade to CAMEL Phase 4 (from CAMEL Phase 2/3) you will need to get a quote from your respective Core Network vendors. As an input for the quote they will ask for the number of customers that will be serviced marked with CAMEL, expected TCAP transactions, number of services that will use CAMEL Phase 4, etc.. This will help to determine the cost of the Software Licenses for the UDC/HSS, gsmSSF, gsmSCF, IP, etc.. Depending on the existing hardware , an upgrade may be required and this will be factored into the cost. SI migration costs is also an item that has to be considered. Migration and upgrade MOPs will need to be developed with the respective vendors. One area that can be a challenge is the interoperability tests with CAP V4. Some vendors may have to update parts of their CAP V4 stack.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath