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Reply To: Call Center Staffing Calculator

Tom Howard

Hello Jill,

Yes, it’s possible with two of the products we sell at this site.

We have a Windows product called Westbay Traffic Calculators. It has an Erlang C calculator that allows you to make these calculations (ASA from the number of agents, number of calls and call duration).

Here’s  screenshot of Westbay Traffic Calculators in action:

If you prefer Excel workbooks, we made an add-in for Microsoft Excel called CC-Excel. It adds nine call center related functions to Excel. One of them is =CCXLASA() and it performs this calculation and, in line with all Excel functions, lets you reference other worksheet cells. In this case, references would be to cells that hold the number of agents, number of calls and call duration. The function result is the estimated ASA.

Here is an Excel screenshot showing the same calculation as before, but using CC-Excel:


More information on these products is available at:

Westbay Traffic Calculators:

If you have any questions about these products, please reply to this post or email our support team directly:

Kind regards,
Tom Howard,
Westbay Engineers Ltd.