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Reply To: Voicemaster feedback anyone?


To restart DB, login as manager to ssh, and execute:
echo sybase_restart > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate
or just use alias for that command:

other cli commands are:

alias gen_all=’echo gen_all > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo Config is regenerated!!.’
alias halt_system=’echo 3 > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo SYSTEM WILL BE HALTED!!.’
alias reboot_all=’echo 2 > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo SYSTEM IS REBOOTING!!.’
alias restart_db=’echo sybase_restart > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo Database Server is restarted’
alias restart_gk=’echo restart_gk > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo GateKeeper is restarted.’
alias restart_network=’echo network_restart > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo Network is regenerated and restarted!!’
alias restart_radius=’echo restart_radius > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo RADIUS is re-started!!.’
alias restart_sipgk=’echo restart_sipgk > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo Sip server is restarted.’
alias restart_web=’echo restart_web > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo Web server is restarted.’
alias start_gk=’echo start_gk > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo H323 GK is started!!.’
alias start_sip=’echo start_sip > /usr/local/ifone/product/bin/activate && echo SIP is started!!.’

there is a good tool named cli :

16:40:49 manager@voicemaster:~>cli
=======================(? for help; q for quit)=========================
#manager#: ?
Help Menu: | Short Menu:
sip debug <level> | s d <level>
sip view <search> | s v <search>
sip show <search> | s s <search>
h323 debug <level> | h d <level>
h323 view <search> | h v <search>
h323 show <search> | h s <search>
conversion debug <level>| c d <level>
radius view <search> | r v <search>
radius show <search> | r s <search>
ip view | i v
ip set | i s
hdd info | hdd i
reload sip | rel sip
generate radius | gen r
generate dns | gen d
generate sybase | gen s
restart radius | res r
restart web | res w
restart sybase | res syb
restart firewall | res f
restart ispbill | res i
restart sip | res s
restart h323 | res h
restart network | res n
restart all | res a
restart vmdbsrvd | res v
cdr extract | cdr e
voip traffic <sip/h323> | v t
quit | q

unbelievable , it’s 13 years passed – and your question answered!