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Reply To: Forced routing based in OICK ET TICK

Wallis Dudhnath

OIN, TIN, OICK, TICK, Extended OICK, Extended TICK, etc.. is a
non-standardised way to use DP2 and IN triggering to access an
IN service / application. Standardised solutions is based on
CAMEL and the use of x-CSI flags.

If you want to use OICK / TICK for rout(e)ing then you will need
to use B-Number Analysis (digit decoder) that is linked to a
B-Origin and an OICK / TICK configured value. DT – Data Transcript – can
then be built and tested.

As this is OICK / TICK, the HPLMN and the VPLMN will need to be from the same vendor, i.e. Ericsson.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath