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Reply To: RBS2202


2202 -its inside door 2102 out door in all RBS serial .
2202 -DXU 01or 011 its the brain and in side it flashcard 16mbite ram for save the information and have a program call OMT(operation and maintenance terminal) for 2g Ericsson RBS ,For DXU the data come by E1 rg45 cable from the TN cabinet .
IDM-Internal Distribution Module
CU 900Combiner Unit OR 1800
ECU Energy Control Unit
PSU -48 power supply input 220v AC o/p -48VDC
TRU Transceiver Unit or 1800
CDU Combining and Distribution Unit
and as i thing all this cabinet is 6 TRX but now we used a very small 6000 rbs serial and can have less power and place by 90 %and more in cover .