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Reply To: (PO/BT)Coral66 & System X

Wallis Dudhnath

System X History.

System X was a leading edge UK digital narrow band Switch (Telephone Exchange) that was incepted and developed during the 1980s.

System X was designed by a consortium of companies that included: General Post Office (Now British Telecommunications, or BT), Plessey, GEC and STC. It was a joint engineering collaboration with the main telecommunication incumbent (GPO/BT) and leading engineering companies that had specialised competence with Digital Switching. Around 1984, BT was privatised.

The Switching Fabric was designed by Plessey, GEC designed the Processor, STC designed the Concentrator, the GPO (now BT) took control of the overall Management System. Overall, the whole System-X development Project was backed by the GPO/BT. Soon the consortium merged and one company was formed – GPT – GEC Plessey Telecommunication. STC soon dropped their involvement with System X.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath