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Reply To: P52c Counter in ALU


hi irfan,

Some counters are configured to count a duration, rather than a number of events. Basically, it is incrementing by the number of active TBF, each second.
For example : during 5s, the number of simultaneous DL TBF is:
5 TBF,4 TBF,5 TBF,6 TBF, 3 TBF

Over this 5seconds, the counter will print : 5+4+5+6+3 = 23 seconds.

This is an example with a counter sampling granularity of 1 second. But it could be less than 1 second, or more. But it doesn’t change anything.

ROUND(10x)/10 –> it means the counter is actually displayed with a decimal when you retrieve it from the OSS. I don’t know why they put that in the counter definition, it’s an information which is useless to the user, as far as i remember.

If there is a decimal, it means the sampling granularity is probably less than one second.