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Reply To: GCH Congestion on GPU (Alcatel)


Hi Pix,
thanks a lot. By tbf fast establishment did you mean fast_initial_gprs_access?
What do you think,if we increase the MFS parameter N_DATA_BYTES_MAX_TRANS_PERIODIC from 100 bytes to 1000 bytes, do you think that cpu loading will be less? The definition of this param is: Number of bytes above which a transition from “short data” to “long
data” MS transfer shall be periodically reattempted (only useful in the
rare cases where such a transition previously failed).

And what is recommended: A transition from “short data” to “long data” MS transfer can only fail
in the rare cases where there is a too high number of TBFs on the
TRX / in some very specific reallocation failure scenarios.
be avoided because it will tend to increase the CPU load of the
MFS for a defence case which should be rare (if TRX and Abis/Ater
transmission resources are properly dimensioned).
The default value is 10000 bytes
Best regards,