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Reply To: Paging during SMS


Hello Pix,

Thanks for your reply and I really appreciate your dedication and interest.

If you recall, My query was regarding a long sms setup phase (MS busy for time greater than t3113 and time of sms sending steps 1-3 is quite longer), in that case, wouldn’t it be a paging failed case (Subscriber unable to reach) in scenario of No 2nd Paging enabled at MSC ? Please also tell me for the case if 2nd paging is enabled also.

Actually, I am unclear because there is a difference of results seen in testing. We tested it ourselves in one area and almost half or 35% of paging attempts were failed during very long sms setup phase. Same we asked for another team in a different city and they gave us 100% successful paging results during long sms setup phase. The network settings and entity nodes are same in both areas. What I may conclude that the second area testing team may had not setup long sms but only short (empty sms, not enough to expire T3113)… What do you say ?

That’s what, I need to know ?

Thank you !