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Reply To: How to plan for FPDCH and Soft and Hard


Hi Again

Actually I have some cells with Tch blocking and the interesting thing is that if I augment capacity in them they go below threshold of the post voice utilization which should be higher than 50% after capacity addition. Now we would augment in most of the cases from 2 to 4 Trx where only additional Trx card is inserted and 4 Trx transmit on same antenna with combiner loss of 3db which will further increases the chances of 1 and 1.5 erl traffic dip post Trx addition. So what I want is that if I could dig deep a little on data channels then I could ask for FPDCH reductions in case data volume is not that high in those cells or inversely could ask for increasing FPDCH after Trx addn if data volume is high. So for this analysis I need a bit of info and Knowledge on data planning basics and parameters like Hard and Soft Blocking.
Hoping for some kind of feedback on this.