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Reply To: How to plan for FPDCH and Soft and Hard


Hi Pix

Well I thought so but I just need a bit of help actually if you could generalize in terms of voice planning. Till now i have done only voice planning and I couldn’t correlate data planning in terms of that how to plan FPDCH and OPDCH initially for a site and its cells. For ex: in voice if I plan a site with expected base of 100 Subs and tentative calls in BH are approx. 800 then with 30 milli erl I need a capacity of (30*800)/1000 erl i.e 24 erl so a sector config of 6.5 erl and site config of 6.5*3=22.5 erl would easily do that. I just want someone to help me correlate intial data planning of channels like that or may be its more tedious than that. I have studied basics of data and i’m familiar with TBF and EDGE/EGPRS basics if not more.