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Reply To: 1×1 SFH Hopping Vs Ad-HOC SFH Vs BBHOP


hi Irfan,

Thanks for all the details.

The differences between Adhoc SFH and BBH are… minimal, aren’t they ?

Adhoc SFH : if the number of TRX > 3 then the total number of frequency = the number of TRX. The TRX0(chgr0) does not hop. The RXn (chgr1) hops. Am I correct ?

BBH : the nb of freq = the nb of TRX (same as adhoc SFH), but here, the BCCH is included in the hopping sequence.

Am I still correct?

If that’s true, then you ought to test something : take one small cluster of cells, and change their configuration from the current BBH to a SFH, using the same frequencies. This way, we can verify that whether the SFH itself is causing DL QUALITY issues.

Also, another thing : did you activate the BS Power Control ? Did you reduce the DL Qual target in case of SFH ? The Qual target should be 5.0 or 5.5 in SFH, and 4.0 for BBH.
However, for adhoc SFH however (if my understanding of n freq = n Trx), the qual target should be same as BBH.

Ok, let me know if there are any useful infos in my reply. How can we proceed further ?