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Reply To: Transmit signals at the same frequency

David monjengue

the difference between what i did ‘transmitting different signals at the same frequency from different stations’ and 3g or 4g is that what i did is not bandwidth limited or does not have spectral limitation as i used totaly different approach for conditionning and filter the signals.
3g and 4g are used for some specific application e.g mobile internet, wireless voive,…what i did is not limited to that everything you want to transmit can be send with an unique frequeny.
Let say we have a given frequency of 90. Mhz and we have the radio station bbc, voice of america, radio mote-carlos all these radio stations can use the given frequency to transmit and a receptor would be able wherever it is to listen to one of these stations. More a local community station would be able to use the same frequency to transmit local news without interfering the others signals, avoiding by this method the cost of spectrum license.