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Reply To: 3G Fast Reselection ALU feature



– “The channel release message received from BSC contains the FDD_ARFCN list that UE have to camp. Could be a issue for some Phones the quantity of
FDD_ARFCNs that contains channel release message from BSC?”

The Channel Release should contain more info than only the FDD ARFCN, such as the LAC, doesn’t it ?
What is strange is that WITHOUT fast reslection, the MS will do the location update in 2G, and then it will do another in 3G, after doing a 2G to 3G reselection.
The FAST reselection pushes the MS back to the 3G right after the call is released, and before it could do the 2G LAU. If the Fast reselection doesn’t work, it makes no sense that you should see MORE 2G LAU than before. You should only see the SAME amount. How weird !

By the way, you are saying that you provide several FDD ARFCN to the MS. Usually one FDD ARFCN is enough : just send the MS to the “first” FDD in 3G. No need to provide several options.

“What will happen at the end of the call if there is no 3G coverage ?

The MS should do a normal reselection.

which vendor are you using ? Could you share some info about the way this Fast Reselection is implemented ?
There might be some constraints such as :
1/ Ensure that your 2G cells have 3G neighbours defined
2/ Ensure the Ms performs 3G measurements during the call