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Reply To: DRU/DTRU going in Perm fault mode E///


further observations in Permanent fault in EDTRU (2204/2206 cab)

Guys need your inputs in Permanent fault raised issues.

Cab type 2204/2206
Config – 4+4+4
No of e1 – 2
OPDCH & FPDCH TS defines for
A sector 10
B Sector 22
C sector 8

Confact -2

All sectors are having EDTRU
Still Tie Value 6-7 (B sector TRU going in fail mode(perm fault)

With the help of BO team OPDCH/FPDCH TS reduced to 10 and issue didn’t repeated from past 15-20 days. but we are losing OPDCH TS.

Question is, was that 22 TS creating TRU to turn in permanent fault mode ? or something else issue is there ?

We didn’t observed such issues in 2964 BTS.

Pls suggest as these issues are observed in many sites..