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Reply To: TFO in B11


Hi Pix and Ian,
we perform some tests for TFO activation but still we have problems !!!
When the TFO_AMR_NB is active there are a lot of codec changes and this affected the SQI with strong degradations.When the SQI decreased, the voice is interrupted or deaf …
We tried to activate just one codec for AMR_HR(5,9 or 4,75) and there is no problems. The problems are when codecs fluctuated, and then the voice is affected and customers are complain from voice gaps…
For the moment in our BSCs for AMR_HR are activate 7,4/5,9/4,75 bit rates and AMR_HR_THR123 are 9/13,5/13,5dB with 2dB hyst.
The results from this activation was that the TFO usage increased and I think that the TFO doesn’t support the codec AMR_HR 5,15.
The usage is OK but after bit rate changes for the RTC drops for some cells and C180d,C182 for some BSCs strongly increased ?? What can be the relation between TFO usage and RTC drop?
About the TFO parameters, I was tried to enable or disable the TFO_MATCH but the codecs still strongly fluctuated and voice decreased.