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Reply To: Contention resolution in case of CS call


Hi Pix,
Thanks for replying.

That same procedure applies to GPRS access over CCCH also. The BTS sends back the random reference received in RACH as well as the frame no. in which it was received. From these pieces of information, the MS can uniquely recognize its response.
But, in worst case, these pieces of information (random ref and frame no.) could also be used by two MS simultaneously. Then it becomes an issue to recognize whom the response belongs to.

So, here GPRS has a solution to this through its contention resolution mechanism. I was wondering why there is no such thing in CS.

One thing, I can think of the fact that every CS call may undergo an authentication phase (MM) before proceeding to the real conversation phase. In case of GPRS, sessions are bursty and MM authentication is not required with every little TBF establishment. Hence is this procedure called contention resolution in GPRS.

Please comment.