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Reply To: Connect Incoming calls to one another


No Pix, you didn’t quite understand my idea. I will explain again.

I have an Idea – Its called LEBTOP (Learn English By Talking On Phone).

I am looking for a telecom solution wherein , i want to connect callers to other callers. If my number say 1800 xxx xxxx gets 100 calls at a time, i wish to connect incoming calls to other callers, thus I want to make 50 pairs of connections.

The idea depends on connecting callers to one another based on certain rules. Please visit for more details.

Project LEBTOP
In short:
We wish to have a Toll-free number. When users call it , they will get 2 options-
Press 1 to Learn
Or Press 2 to Teach.

Challenge is to design a system which connects an incoming caller who has Pressed “1″ to another caller who has Pressed “2″, so as to form a Student-Teacher Pair.
Thus we wish to connect two “Callers” through our Lebtop toll free number.

The solution that 1st came to my mind is .. Its as simple as , two friends calling my number and I merging their calls. This serves the purpose for 1 pair, but i guessed it can be done for 100′s of calls too, using modern Technology. But i’m struggling to find an answer to this problem.