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Reply To: GPRS/EDGE pacquets lost is High


haaaa. it’s “pinging” ! the worst scenario 🙂

any specific pattern of lost packets ? exactly one every other packet ? or the first 50 packets are lost, and the 50 are correctly transmitted ?

how much delay between two sending of packets (seconds) ?

how big are your packets (bytes) ?

are you pinging from your MS to the network, or from the network to your MS ?

with ping, the thing is that there are actually two transmission : 1 in the transmission, and 1 in the reception (the ping ack). Each is using it’s own TBF.

If the delay between 2 pings is big, i would recommend you increase the Delayed DL TBF duration and Delayed (or Extended) UL TBF duration so that it matches (or exceeds) the delay between two pings.

You can also copy/paste the printout from the cmd prompt 🙂