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Reply To: Solve low quality in extended


hi Bol,

so far everything you said makes perfect sense.

the vector with 10 values does relate to the 10 TA intervals :

([0.0,7.0[ [7.0,13.0[ [13.0,19.0[ [19.0,25.0[ [25.0,31.0[ [31.0,37.0[ [37.0,43.0[ [43.0,49.0[ [49.0,55.0[ [55.0,63.0] )

The way you compute and interpret the vector is the same for the inner zone and the outer zone.
the only difference is that the intervals for the outer cell are offset by 63 TA (= 63*550m)

For example, the first interval is now, for the outer cell only:

Please share the results of your computation 🙂