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Reply To: ALU: DL PDU discarded due to congestion


Hello, dear Pix!!

I hope that your holidays were excellent 🙂

Yes, of course !! 🙂 my e-mail is

And, sorry but some questions 🙂

– Does MFS as network object have an Edit menu? I can’t see it! Is it something wrong with my rights?
– For BVC flow control I’ve found only that one parameter…. You said that it might be because all others are system ones – how can we see them?
– According to GSLs – in NPO I’ve found an indicator NB_GSL (GGSLN) and it shows very strange values: 12, 16, 24, 32 (hourly) for different BSCs – are they OK? But as our OMC-R engineer say they always create 8 GSL for each GPU . So I’m a little bit confused…
– And the last – is it correct if I I say that the protocol used on interface between BSC and MFS is LAPD? So we should mean it when we collect and analyze trace (for example)? Or other protocols are also used?

Thanks a lot in advance!

BR, Sommer!