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Reply To: ALU: DL PDU discarded due to congestion


hi sommer,

i’ve worked with alu equipments a lot, but my memory is not perfect..

the pdu life time -> check out the MFS parameters. If you can see it there, then fine… otherwise it’s probably a SGSN parameter.

BVC flow control -> i never had to use this mechanism. There are 2 levels of flow control : per MS and per cell. It is probably a fair idea to use a flow control per cell.
the flow control is controlled by several parameters (at least 2 main parameters). Unfortunately, I forgot the way it works… 🙂 look for all parameters that contains “flow_control” and post their definitions here, i will then be able to help.

However I must say that your main issue is a lack of GP capacity !
If you check the indicators per GP (CPU load, Ater congestion) you might have very bad surprises. You should plan to add 1 or 2 GP boards for each BSC connected to the MFS, and add some Ater-ps interfaces.

The mechanisms you are describing are just workaround, yet in the end the end-user throughput will still be very degraded. You’d rather work on the root cause : lack of GP, lack of Ater-PS.

If you need, I can help you further. I’d just have to dig in my ALU documents…