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Reply To: SD Mean Hold Time



yes, T11 & T11 Forced are changeable.

If you reduce this duration, you might see that the SD Duration reduces as well.

Long SD Duration is not a problem as long as the SD is not congested.

Anyway, if you can prove that the long SD duration is linked to TCH queueing, then you have to work on the root cause : not enough capacity in your cell.
-> increase/activate HR usage
-> activate Forced Directed Retry (share load with neighbours, based on L RxLev Ncell DR defined in the neighbours)
in the congested cell : EN_FDR = enable
in the target cell where you want to send the trafic load : L_RXLEV_NCELL_DR = -75dBm
by decreasing the value (ie -80dBm), you will further enhance load sharing effect.

-> activate Fast Traffic HO : a rather difficult parameter / i don’t recommend it right now.

-> activate Traffic HO : easy tuning !
EN_Traffic_HO in all your cells, tune the HO_MARGIN_DEC to be equal to the HO_MARGIN_INC (for example, both = 6dB) every where in your network.
Then tune high traffic load and low traffic load.
Don’t set the low Traffic load too low, otherwise it won’t work.
For example : H_T_L = 85% and L_T_L = 60%

ok, that’s about it…
have fun 😉