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Reply To: SDCCH congestion


hi slim,

if the sdcch is congested, the BSS will behave accordingly to your setting “Enable Immediate Assignment Reject”.
If “ImmAssRej” = DISABLE then the MS will repeat the Channel Request almost immediately
If “ImmAssRej” = ENABLE then the MS will repeat the Channel Request only “WI_xx” ms later, which provides more chance for a SDCCH channel to be available.

The MS can send up to MAX_RETRANS+1 channel requests.

Yes, the SDCCH Congestion is artificially increased by retransmission. However, if you activate the “ImmAssRej”, you can apply the formula:
SDCCH_Cong – Imm_Ass_Rej / Channel_Request

As a result, you are counting only the last congestion failure. If the SDCCH is setup at the 3rd attempt :
SDCCH Cong = 3
Imm Ass Rej = 3
–> sdcch cong rate = 0%

I hope it makes sense… please test the formula carefully because I don’t remember having tried it.
(i didn’t care much about artificial SDCCH congestion.. it should always be zero IMO… really and artificially !)