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Reply To: DLQ Ho In IBS site(ALU)


Pix Sir,

According to your suggestion if I change the TRX-1 pref mark is 2 and TRX-2 pref mark is 0, then our TRXs pref mark is as follows
TRX-1 (2)
TRX-2 (0)
TRX-3 (2)
TRX-4 (1)

Its mean first traffic goes on TRX-4 then on TRX-3 and last on TRX-1.

But Sir, according to RMS report there is few bad quality samples between level -70 to -104 on TRX 3 and TRX 4.

And TRX 2 is OK and no traffic is on TRX 1 because currently its pref mark is 0.

Sir you suggest pref mark for all the TRX according to your point of view.