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Reply To: DLQ Ho In IBS site(ALU)


Sir Mannu 🙂

It’s great to see that you know your way around NPO !
The Mono Health report is where you’d find the “idle band interference” indicators. I prefer to check them out through “indicators” directly rather than “reports).
Click on TRX & Indicators
Then search for “idle” in the list.
You should see five bands there.

Checking RMS reports is great. Keep in mind you can do that per TRX as well.
Click on TRX & Reports
“Distribution Reports”

Do you notice a difference between the UL RXLEV/RXQUAL and the DL RXLEV/RXQUAL ?
It seems that you only have DL interferences, which is rather consistent with a “near window” interference.
Our strategy will be to decrease the power of the interferer(s). First step : find the interferer cell(s). Then try :
– activating the DL PC on the interferer cell
– activating the DL DTX on the interferer cell
– activating the HR in interferer (or increase HR usage if it is already activating)

In the interfered cell (indoor cell), you can try:

– putting TCH PREF MARK = 2 in TRX 1 and TCH PREF MARK = 0 in TRX 2. If your BCCH frequency is cleaner than the TCH ones, you should see some improvements.
– reduce the indoor coverage : reduce the Cell Reselect Offset (only useful if you are using the C2 criteria), add some “near window” neighbours

Of course, you can try changing frequencies of the indoor cell. You could even implement a broadband SFH -> instead of using BBH on 4 frequencies, activate SFH using all your GSM 900 frequencies in the MA list.

That’s just to test…