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Reply To: Project + doubts



Thank you very much for your usefull explanation.
I have other question. Our customer sent us a form with a information for each one of the sites. For example:

BTS A -> 3 TRXs capacity
BTS B -> 4 TRXs capacity

So, my doubt is if in the GSM world the total capacity for the example would be:

Total = 7 TRXs


Total = 7 (in one direction) + 7 TRXs (in the other direction) = 14 TRXs

I hope you can understand my doubt. I don´t know if 7 TRXs would be the total capacity or if I must to consider other 7 TRXs plus for the other direction of the traffic.

Sorry for this silly questions but I´m new in the GSM world.

Thanks in advance!